Dear Friends and Citizens,

As I planned my vacation with the intent to leave on Monday for Edinburgh, Scotland I discovered an alarming situation. Having recently returned from the Results Conference in DC I began to question why I’m always getting extra screening at the airport.

I wrote a blog about it last week that started me on a disturbing journey of discovery.

I am one of the one million plus citizens on the Department of Homeland Security’s Watch List.

This is a list of people who are considered potential terrorists.  And who have the additional benefit of getting groped regularly at the airport. I got on the list because I’m a supporter of Ron Paul.

Others are there because they are anti-war protestors, critics of the government, intellectuals, scientists, actors. People who read the “wrong” kind of books. You name it.

Groups across the ideological spectrum have been unfairly maligned by the intelligence establishment. The Missouri Information and Analysis Center (MIAC) issued a report in 2009 identifying libertarian supporters of Ron Paul as potential threats to national security. In the same month, the North Central Texas Fusion Center issued a bulletin calling for scrutiny of the constitutionally-protected lobbying activities of the nation’s most diverse coalition of anti-war activists, as well as the largest Muslim civil rights organization.

Check this link if you feel one of these or the many other categories may include you, too.

Naomi Wolf (author of the Beauty Myth) made a documentary about the erosion of our civil rights in 2009 called The End of America. I urge you to watch it; you can see it on Netflix.

Take a stand with me and for the 1,000,000 on this list, by commenting on this post.  If you don’t know what to write, simply write:

Not in my house!

I’m talking here about the White House, the symbol of OUR House.

The media, educators, dissenters are all under attack by our own Corporatocracy.  Please do something.  Don’t allow us to be tracked, don’t let fear become our only common denominator in this country.  Get educated on this issue and choose to restore our Constitution before we end up as Stalin’s Russia did, as Mussolini’s Italy did, as Hitler’s Germany did.

The US is under attack, but it’s an inside job.

I REFUSE TO FLY until I’m off that list.  Please, BOYCOTT with me the TSA and every airline so that we may together find some real leverage to stop the insanity.

Thanks for reading.  I really need you now!

Even if you’re not American, this affects YOU TOO.