Nearly a month since my last post, and so much good to report! For one thing, it’s hot as blazes already, which means I’ll have more time again for writing. Or maybe not. The surplus coming from the garden is monumental, so much of the writing time is still going toward processing–bushels of corn and beans, tons of squash, zillions of tomatoes, not to mention the okra, cucs, peppers, melons.

I used to spend the time and gas money to donate the surplus to the nearest Food Bank, until I noticed many of the patrons are obese and drive better cars than we do. There’s a fine line between meaningful charity and being an enabler and I’m still not confident on how well I can walk it.

Still, the exploding garden is so beautiful to look at and work in that I don’t mind anymore that half the month it’s only the dogs, chickens and I who get to enjoy the goods.

I’ve been also having loads of fun with flowers for the first time. I never expected to get so much joy from simple rather functionless beauty. Heirloom roses do particularly well here and I never realized before that East Texas, and in particular the larger city in our area, Tyler, are renowned nationally for their blooms.

I’m heading now to the couch, where during the educational programming of Dr. Phil, The Doctors and Rachel Ray (the only choices available with just two channels) we’ve found the ideal spot for trimming, shucking, chopping, blanching, bagging and freezing. Not too shabby for a modern-day hippie (as my heavily-employed friends think of me)!

I have lots of pics to share and have been trying to post them here for weeks with no luck (used to work fine, not any more).  Any tech genius out there wanna give me some tips?  Otherwise, friend me on Facebook so I’ll be forced to post them there!

(I so appreciate those who have mentioned you’ve missed my posts–I miss posting and I miss y’all too!)