For you today I take the day off.
I take the day off from being me.

I take one day where what I take from you
is proportionate to the nourishment you provide.

One day where I don’t see you as something to be fixed up,
or tied down
or drilled through.

One day where I recognize in each moment your core as my heart,
your soil as my flesh,
your stars as my eyes.

One day where I celebrate you as you deserve to be celebrated
with quiet and slowness
and reverence.

One day of union with you,
your way, not mine.

A walk along the creek in awe of the great diversity of your work.
A swing in the hammock beneath the tapestry of your creation.

Bathing in your color,
swooning in your sound,

Gaping at infinite texture,

Breathing in every fragrance.

This day you are not the object–
the round planet where I reside,

suspended with so many others.

My Earth, My land, My home.

Today instead, for once,
I am yours.