This week it’s continuing to cultivate stillness versus Influence Boot Camp: Las Vegas.  Hmmm, I could be going crazy out here.  That has occurred to me, of course.  With suddenly so much time and far fewer distractions along with a complete shift of the influences in my life, this intense transition I am feeling, which for convenience I’m just calling mid-life, even though I still feel too young for that word to apply, has had me searching and pondering in all new directions.

At different times in my life I’ve been more drawn to spirituality, self-help, yoga– a sudden quest for nourishment–physical intellectual emotional spiritual.   Before it has come in waves, but this time it feels more like a tsunami.  But before I use that reference so lightly, let me pause, and think of those suffering and struggling in Japan right now, and everywhere else soon to come, and send them my deepest heartfelt prayers for themselves and their homes.

But a tsunami is how it feels and I have been left so curious.  How much do our individual and collective lives mirror the universe?

What about all we’re hearing of 2012?  Do the odd predictions resonate with you more this time than in the past?  Is the stillness/intensity contradiction residing in me alone?  I don’t think so, and let me explain why.

As I mentioned my influences have changed significantly.  About six months ago I joined a course called Feminine Power, all women from many countries around the globe.  I have sucked up this this work like a thirsty sailor dry for years.  It is astounding to me how often the right teachers appear in the most crucial hour.  It is the best schooling I have ever had in my life, because it’s about life.  It’s not easy to describe in a sentence what is taught in this course but I’ll try.  It’s part women’s support group, part self-help, part spiritual practice, part visionary training, part psychoanalysis.  It is a large group of women gathering who intend to evolve the world, and with them I know I am home at last.  It could very well be a cult.  But I mean that in the very best way.

There’s that cynical voice in my head that laughs as I write this, “You’ve moved to the country and joined a cult, nice one!”  And in such close proximity to Waco!  If you were saying that too, hold up a sec.

This course is teaching me how to squelch that cynic, and it’s working.  Are you wondering what’s this got to do with 2012, cultivating stillness, Vegas Boot Camp, or for that matter, a homesteading blog?

Be patient please, I’m getting there.

A new friend in the course recommended the newest book by Gregg Braden,  Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age.  This is fascinating stuff and it’s all new to me!  It seems I’m not alone at all in feeling this tremendous personal, social, and universal shift, and the Mayans knew about it too.

Before you think, wow, she really has gone over the deep end out there–just wait, there’s more!  The Feminine Power course is part of a larger umbrella called Evolving Wisdom that includes online seminars with a number of social visionaries, all of them very interesting.  One author who offered a seminar is an astrology expert, Carol Allen, who says that this shift will be most intensely felt by those in two of the signs, one which happens to be mine.

Open your mind to the possibilities.  Before you turn away automatically, look closer.  Our ancestors were knowledgeable folks living lives much more closely tied to nature.  They had a very long time to observe, and we cannot discount them as easily as we have been.  The chaos we are now experiencing, the weather, the wars, the financial failures, it’s not just our impression these are happening more often and more intensely, Braden reports in his book.  And if what he says is true, he’s just explained for me why we made this move to the country, why we are obsessed with self-sufficiency, why my life feels full of contradictions, and even  why one week I’m obsessed with stillness and the next I’m off to boot camp in Vegas during prime spring gardening time.

I’m not smart enough to know if Braden’s right or not, but it sure is nice to have all my answers wrapped up in one pretty little package for just $12.95!