The number 6 reason why we need to overhaul our agricultural system is to have a right to choose non-GMO food.  This one is close kin to the last reason, Big Brother, and has been inspired by Leo’s comment that our problems will be solved once we move to manufacturing food out of chemicals and wonders why we don’t stop wasting “time and resources in the antiquated activity called agriculture?”  While he may appreciate when corporations own our food, I believe the majority of us would like a choice.

As Americans we pride ourselves on our freedom of choice rarely conceptualizing how limited that choice actually is.  For example:  Do you have a right to choose whether you eat genetically modified crops? NO YOU DO NOT!

In corroboration with the corporations, government actually sanctions the fact that WE DO NOT KNOW.  Together they have decided most undemocratically that we don’t need to know this, despite public outrage around the world.  Leo and others in that camp must really trust that Big Brother knows best, and are fine with the fact that the result of their boundless and blind trust, is that ALL of us will be left without a choice.

Why might you want to know if the foods you are eating come from genetically modified crops?

For starters they have been linked to:  allergies, immune deficiencies, liver problems, sterilization, antibiotic resistance, a known deadly food epidemic in the 80s, and who knows how many more since that time, because without labeling GMO crops cannot be identified and therefore recognized as a source of sickness.

Why might they NOT want you to know?

For exactly the reason I just mentioned, NO LABEL, NO LIABILITY!

At present the commercialized  GMO crops we are eating without realizing are corn, soy, cotton, canola (rape), promising vast and continued expansion unless WE ALL take a stand!

Consumers in Europe took a stand long ago.  Americans are taking a stand now, by getting informed and refusing to purchase GMO foods.  You can too, download the list at: Non-GMO Shopping Guide

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