Big Corn.  Big Soy.  Big Government.  Welcome to your diet.

Big Brother is the number 7 reason why we need to overhaul our agricultural system.

Since coming out to the country and reading up more on raising animals I repeatedly come across the sentence: Control the food, control the water, and you control the animal. I was struck by the simple logic of this.  And then I thought, wait a minute!  Who controls my food?  Who controls my water?  Certainly not me.  Or anyone I know.  Or quite frankly, anyone I trust.

I realize in some minds now I am dangerously close to the waters of conspiracy theorists.  We have clawed our way out of the caves and built up amazing civilizations precisely so we would not all have the daily struggle of providing for our own food and water, so that we could free up our time to advance our knowledge and arts, etc., etc.  Ok, I get that.

Nevertheless, my life experiences demand that I do not take this simple equation for granted (Food+Water=Control): Two of them most prominently, namely Hurricanes Katrina and 3 years later, Ike; but also living in the Czech Republic.  I’ve said this many times before, the Czechs’ self-sufficiency really impressed me.  Gardens were very common and folks actually knew how to fix stuff, and even build stuff, like their own houses.  But in this case the influence was in seeing and really understanding through their eyes what happened when the Soviets took control of their country.  It is just so very easy and tempting to believe and to say “It will never happen to us. These things don’t happen here.  These things don’t happen anymore.  Our government is different.  The American people would never stand for any such thing.” Yeah, that’s what they said too.

We don’t have a Plan B in place, do we?  What handy hubby and I are doing out here is not the whole answer or maybe not even a small part of it, but not enough people are asking the right questions or offering many other options for the Plan B.  We saw what happened after Katrina.  We ALL saw this, not just those of us living there.  We simply cannot rely on the government, we simply cannot.  They are never going to learn to do it better, it is just too big a job to handle.  Even the leaders themselves know this.  Did you know the Bushs’ Texas ranch is completely off-the-grid ?  I really never pegged him for being particularly green, did you?  Wonder if he might have some other motivation for trying to protect his family in this way?

So, who controls our food, really?  Who controls our water?  These are actually much more complex questions than they might seem, and yet, I’ll bet an uneducated, illiterate man living rurally in Guatemala could answer more easily than a highly educated American citizen.

According to two-thirds of the world’s population is expected to run short of fresh drinking water by 2025.  Water is being referred to as “the oil of the 21st century.”

Corporations have no interest in providing for a Plan B.  We have seen first hand that government cannot be relied upon to “save us” in crisis.   The same governments and corporations that are now controlling our food, water, and power, will continue to do so after any and every crisis, even if it’s necessary to abandon its name, nature, or affiliation, and reappear reorganized and rejuvenated at our expense.  In a decade or so we will be rushing the stores to buy whatever latest food stuffs they’re selling since the GMO corn cross-bred with all other corn varieties in North America and by then will be linked to cancer, for all we know.

I’m not saying it’s not all fascinating science, it is!  I’m just saying, play with fire in the periphery if you must, but leave the natural resources natural and available to all.

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