Cow in the garden, chickens on the roof!  Sometimes when things get most crazy you know there must be something big brewing.  It is hurricane season again, but who cares about that now that we’re finally living far from the Gulf!  Sometimes you really can’t tell from which direction the storm will come.  Not all storms are bad either. Sometimes it’s something you meant to happen, prepared for even, but it’s still a shock when it comes.  Sometimes it like, you know, in like The Secret, right, it’s something you sub-consciously willed to happen like sort of.  When it finally happens you’re so ready to take credit; you are so ready to say, like, cool, yeah, I did that.  Oh don’t worry, I don’t see that Secret crap pulling a lot of weeds either.

What I do see is a stray young cow, aka Fernando, who has reeked havoc on the melons, sweet potatoes, and the general mess that was left of the summer garden.  He and Papi are enemies, or rather rivals at least, and I think it’s actually a bull, or this cow is becoming a real bully.   And now I’m couched-out after having over-stretched my hip climbing on the roof of the chicken house to coax the chickens from the branches after they got spooked that Fernando was in their coop and run, tipping things about, stealing all their feed, drinking all their water, and defecating copiously.   And since this moment one of the chickens has started to crow, evidently crossing over in order to defend his hopefully soon to be growing harem.

As if this wasn’t enough, Papi had some sort of near-death experience in the pond that will forever remain a frightening and perplexing mystery.  Of course these are all signs.  It’s so obvious.  So, what’s going to happen?  Something good or something bad?  You never can tell at first, you can only feel, it’s something. Could be good, probably be bad.   I’m still waiting for that trip to a lovely mountainous cool region.  More likely I will be sued for shooting a wandering cow.     But at least that’ll teach that gender-confused-chicken-feed-loving black beast from trampling my garden.  It’s been a long hot summer and we were really looking forward to those melons.