Variety is the spice of life. To each his own. These are great old proverbs that seem to be losing their weight even as we attempt to hype-up modern buzz words like diversity and tolerance.   “Blue doesn’t make a rainbow,” handy hubby cleverly adds, as he shakes up a 10 pound bag of 4 bean varieties to throw willy-nilly into the field,  and so perfectly punctuates my point.   I need to know, who else is tired of the homogenization of this country and the world?

I realize this has been happening for some time, but I for one am really annoyed with it.  A Youtube video forwarded by an RPCV friend, among a few other things, has my feathers ruffled this week.  In case you don’t have time to take a quick peek, it’s a Czech pop group dressed like American gang-bangers singing  some Ragga jungle mish-mash on a beach in Mexico.  When it comes to this video, all I gotta say is:  Synthesis does not quality make, nor does it define originality, which is the true measure of creative talent, not to mention the only thing that deserves to have any real value to the public.

In the farmer’s world creating a synthesized monoculture may have worked for us, for a while, but we see now  we should have listened to those few wise and truly creative dissenting voices like Sir Albert Howard and J.I Rodale who worked their lives away in order to buck the system and predicted long ago such industrial crop calamities as soil erosion and mineral depletion.

I used to think at least in this country, if not the Western world, we valued both creativity and the individual, but it seems the opposite is happening all around me:  the further homogenization of food, and integration of cultures, and reduction of language, and simplification of education, and elevation of mediocrity,  and especially the pathetic political correctness that has us all talking the talk of the PR agent.  Instead of the individual trying to find their own unique voice, the world is flooded with sheeple all trying to bellow the loudest.  When the music becomes all the same, the fashion all the same, the food all the same, the thoughts all the same, the cultures all the same, I guess then we’ll finally be able to focus on fixing all those dreadful languages too.

And speaking of languages, what’s happening to our own?  An article about Twitter I read not too long ago comes to mind about the dismal reduction of language and social interaction.  I know some shiny-toothed, syrupy-tongued, plastic people who are offended by any sentence that does not have a smiley-faced emoticon attached to it.  I don’t even care if everyone in this country speaks English, just speak your own language well, and hopefully with individual color.  In the meantime, it wouldn’t do us any harm to become multi-lingual, and therefore truly multicultural, but we can’t even be bothered to learn the language of our neighbors.  I say let’s try it, if for no other reason than to prove we’re not as dumb as the rest of the world thinks we are.

But what I really wanna know is, are there are so few truly inventive people out there because, while we purport to value diversity and tolerance, we simultaneously continue to over-value monoculture in our lands, our schools, our governments, and our cultures?  We really don’t need more integration, that just leads to a new strain of homogenization.  What we really need is polyculture and the balls to handle real diversity.

And what about these absurd, useless regulations, like one I heard of recently in a NYC restaurant about a chef who dared to serve homemade cheese made from his wife’s breast milk.  The Department of Health decided human breast milk cheese is not suitable for the human adult.  Good grief, but the milk of every other mammal is suitable?  If those folks want to eat momma’s milk cheese over cow’s milk cheese, who the hell cares?  Let people do their thing, for goodness sake!

Monoculture might be convenient, homogeneous might be safe, but it’s already proven itself to be unsustainable in every way.  Do we really want to regulate, integrate, placate and suffocate the entire world into one bland boring pre-wrapped slice of American cheese?

Dare To Dissent, Sheeple!