A year has now passed and I’ve decided it’s high time to praise all our successes here. Mom, who was our first visitor a year ago and so was one of the very few to get the full before and after perspective, has recently visited, and she said we should be very proud.   Of course, I always obey mother.

I’ve complained continually about the huge learning curve in gardening, and all the other failures, but today it’s suddenly clear to me that after one year we’re like practically old farm hands.  Last year 8 chicks lasted about a week, this year 35 chicks are still here after one month.  They are as happy in their magnificent home as our pup is in his pond, and are already successfully free ranging.  This month handy hubby, the great protector, has had to kill two raccoons, one possum, and two copperheads to ensure their continued safety.

This gardening thing is such a breeze, I’ve obviously got it down pat.  The transplants that went in a month ago, after having barely developed in their half toilet paper rolls, are now thriving.  Transplanting those measly things seemed a hopeless endeavor and took the hands of a surgeon, so I am clearly on the path to Master Gardener status.  No actually, let’s just say I am already there.  The tomatoes, zucchini, and watermelon that reseeded themselves in the corn and pea patch, I meant to do that.  Really!  I’m taking credit for everything, even the regular rain and constant sunshine.  Why not?  Last year I felt responsible for all the failures–the drought, the insects, the voles and every other critter–so now that there are successes, I say I deserve to take credit for those too.  Oh I know what you’re thinking, don’t weigh your produce before the harvest.  But what the hell, I’m feeling so good I’ll make a wager with you, in one month’s time will begin a summer-long harvest that will rival the produce section of Whole Foods, with so much surplus I’ll be cursing that I’m so damn good.

Best of all, I haven’t had one single case of poison ivy.  Last year at this time I had already had three huge rashes.  But after all the screaming, and scratching, and spraying, and pulling, and even burning, what was once poison ivy paradise is now a lovely flower garden, half annual, half perennial.   The birds are happy, the pup is happy, the garden is happy, handy hubby is happy, so damn it, I’m jumping on that happy train too.  This place is looking ship shape, so Mom you are so right again, it’s time to pump up the proud!