I love stories like this one about poor Michelle’s attempt at an organic garden at the White House only to later discover that it has been “fertilized” with “sludge.”

Sludge:  Even the word sounds disgusting.  But, you know, it’s really not all bad when you look at all the angles.  This industrial waste that they now call “biosolids,” that the EPA believes makes as good a fertilizer as compost apparently, since they spread it on the White House lawn, as has become normal practice with industrial waste.  It is still being applied to thousands of acres of public and farm lands both here and abroad.  Those chemical companies are so darn generous!   They have actually donated that sludge to us all, free of charge.   I just love those guys.

I guess my slip is showing, stop reading now if you don’t want to see my really ugly under layers.

I LOVE that they are having this problem at the White House.  I first heard about it when Coca-Cola was destroying the waters and farmlands in Lesotho with their generously donated fertilizer, and I thought:  The criminals, how could they take advantage of this poor country? But NO, thank HEAVENS, they were not taking advantage of the poor countries only, so I feel SO much better about it now.

I also don’t feel so bad when extreme weather threatens our lovely capital, or when prominent public figures are raked over the coals by the press for having illicit affairs.  I especially love when those same ones caught in the act have been preaching “family values” to us for years, and the evening news replays the guy’s last hypocritical speech in the same segment as the photo of him coming out of the brothel or bathroom stall.  I SO love that!

Am I just evil?  It’s not that I haven’t considered this possibility.  I like to think of myself as a kind and generous person, and yet, I truly enjoy watching people eat their words.  I truly enjoy watching hypocrites admit, in one way or another, that they are totally full of sludge.

Of course, Michelle and her family are the victims here, so I don’t mean to imply they should be punished.   This is not Michelle’s fault, so why should she and her family suffer?  But, sorry to say, if someone in power is not suffering from our hypocritical laws, policies, and priorities, then the rest of us are going to suffer forever.  And ever.

Come on Michelle, show them how disgusted you are that the garden you and your children worked so hard on has been “pre-fertilized” with a:   “product (that) is a concentrated mass of heavy metals and carcinogenic, teratogenic, and hormone-disrupting chemicals, replete with antibiotic-resistant bacteria.”

Shoot Michelle, you mean no one ever told you that this is encouraged practice by the EPA, and that, “There are some 80,000 to 90,000 industrial chemicals, including a host of dioxin-like deadly substances, which are allowed to be present in sludge under current EPA rules.”

The EPA!  What’s that stand for again?  Come on Michelle, show us your slip too, get ugly as sludge, get improper.  Lead us up the path to real change.