UNICEF’s website has information helpful to volunteers in the Health, Education, Gender and Youth sectors of Peace Corps. The focus areas include Child Survival and Development, Basic Education and Gender, HIV/AIDS and children, Child Protection and Policy Advocacy, and Partnerships. Many topics of interest to Peace Corps volunteers are presented in this website such as nutrition, water, sanitation, life skills and immunizations.

The UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, founded in 1988, identifies current and future issues impacting children worldwide. The research from this centre provides information regarding the changing situation of children, sheds light on areas in which more child data is needed and helps influence policies to support children. Research results and analysis are also presented and can be downloaded.

This website is available in English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Chinese with just a click of the mouse. The information is organized by topic, by region and by country. One can sign up for the newsletter and view videos about work being done by UNICEF throughout the world.

There is something for everyone at UNICEF!