The Pan American Health Organization is an international public health organization working to improve the health and living standards of the countries in the Americas. Navigating through this user-friendly website presents a host of health information relevant to all PCV’s, especially those working in Youth, Health and Gender issues. The Health Topics section covers current health subjects from Acute Respiratory Infections to Yellow fever and everything in between. Youth volunteers may be especially interested in the Adolescent Health section which is in English and Spanish.

The publishing section offers a library of electronic websites which Health volunteers would find useful. Important subjects such as Child Health, Health promotion, Maternal Health and others are covered. There is also an online bookstore containing a variety of resources relevant to all PCV’s especially those working in the Health, Youth and Emergency Preparedness Sectors.

The Paho website also links to other important websites about health issues affecting the Americas. These links include health organizations in Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua and other countries is Latin America and the Caribbean. The health topics cover AIDS, obesity, epidemiology, nutrition and many more issues facing the Americas and the PCV’s working there.

The Pan American Health Organization has been around for over one hundred years and serves as regional offices for the World Health Organization (WHO). Check out their website to locate a regional office near you and to access important, relevant information affecting you and your community.