For those children’s libraries  lucky enough to have computers and internet access, here are several helpful websites.

  • Story Place  is a children’s digital library with books and activities in English as well as in Spanish.
  • Creative Kids at Home  provides a host of activities and craft projects. Unfortunately, the site is only in English but the craft ideas and activities could be used by volunteers and translated to the host country language.
  • Colorin Colorado  is a bilingual site (English and Spanish) for English language learners. This website would also be helpful for literacy volunteers as well as for those volunteers who are teaching English.

Did you know…after reading a children’s story out loud in English, the reader often ends with “snip snap snout, this tale’s told out”.  In Spanish, the story teller would say “Colorin Colorado, este cuento se acabado”.  Hence the name for the last website.

If anyone reading this knows of other suitable websites for children’s libraries, please let me know by commenting on this blog.

Knowledge is free at the library.  Just bring your own container.  -unknown