Peace Corps Connect is a website that contains a plethora of information about Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who could be a real help to PCV’s in the field.  Sign in with your email, create a password and you have access to information about RPCV’s projects by sector, by country, by group or by the RPCV’s name.  Linking up with former volunteers could be helpful to PCV’s who have questions about past projects in their country, region, site or sector.  Connect with an RPCV who has been there and done that to solicit advice from the voice of experience.  There is not point in re-inventing the wheel.

Since you have been in your site, how many times have your neighbors or co-workers mentioned a previous volunteer by name and told you stories about him or her?  If it is anything like my experience, you have heard stories so often about previous volunteers that you feel as though you actually know them.  Peace Corps Connect  is a way to find and communicate with that previous volunteer, even if it  is only out of curiosity to discover is he or she is really ten feet tall and walks on water.

So, reach out and connect for help, information and for the fun of it!