Doane Perry (Uganda 1966–69)  was a secondary school teacher of African history and world history in English [the dperrynational language] at two schools one in the bush and one in the capital of Uganda, and worked on rewriting the Uganda early history curriculum. In his off hours he created and edited a Uganda Peace Corps Volunteer magazine, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and sailed in a dow to Zanzibar. Upon returning to the U.S., Doane earned a doctorate in visual anthropology in 1976 and has been collecting and keeping track of Peace Corps Film since the early 1990s when he organized a film festival for the Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. He has been a leader of: the Boston RPCV group, Friends of Uganda, the National Peace Corps Association and RPCVs for Environment and Development. He has worked in education and in the computer industry and is now an innkeeper in Massachusetts.