Na Noniep - I am the Good Fairy

I finally finished watching Na Noniep and it is great and commendable and interesting. Congratulations to Jack Niedenthal for making a full length fictional film that is based on the culture of his country of service, The Marshall Islands.

I ordered and received the film and then left for a visit in Colorado with my son Tod Perry and his wife Kate and their three children Bud, Jack and Charlotte.

They don’t watch TV or movies with the kids.

When we did watch films from Netflix = which was started by an RPCV - they were the very entertaining Mama Mia and arresting Frost/Nixon.

The rest of the time we were playing with my grand kids and going fly fishing in the Platte and to the Evergreen Rodeo and Parade and camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park where there is no power and the only cell phone reception is up on the peaks.

I have praised the songs in Na Naniep before. To hear the lovely songs go to:

I would also praise the special effects which are homespun but striking.

There is a car crash in which the family of the teenage heroine is killed - caused by her father texting while driving.

There is a murder by lightning where the Good Fairy kills the mother of the dead family who has been casting spells that torment the teenage hero who the son of the truck driver who accidentally killed her family.

The Good Fairy who protects the hero from the spells is a live character played by a boy in traditional raffia clothing.

He gets advice about how to end her evil from a wise old crab.

While watching Na Noniep I was thinking “This will interest my friend Rosemary” who is in charge of gifted education in Guam, because the hero is gifted. He walks to school reading a book and he solves math problems in class like Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting.

If you order a copy for $8 postage paid from, the DVD will reach you all the way from the Marshall Islands by airmail in an envelope covered in local stamps.

Finally may I welcome David Sears with a blog about resumes to PeaceCorpsWorldwide. David was treasurer of Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers for nearly as long as I was president. He also always made our announcements on email and the web more fun to read than they started out being.