Jennifer Crewalk started the RPCV Filmmaking Group.

Her invitation - Are you an RPCV who is involved in digital filmmaking or documentaries? Are you interested in how to get involved in the business? Join this group to network with RPCVs and learn.

The link to the group is -

And it goes like this -

Brad, great job on the trailer! Looks like a terrific film. You’re doing something very worthwhile. Good luck with the rest of the production (and post-production).

Please watch the trailer for our documentary currently in production:

Thanks Thaine!! Great ideas and questions. I’ve never made a film, so this will probably be a video. However, if I can find, borrow, or rent the right equipment, I may try and make this into a short film. Hopefully it will be much more professional than the youtube video I made last year using my digital camera. I’m not sure yet what the unique story will be. Perhaps I may be able to weave together a number of my content ideas and see where it goes from there? My teacher will probably help me refine this more as I progress. There are some great Victory Garden WWII videos at the National Archives. I suppose I can use those as being in the public domain. I am so excited about this project.

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