Each Peace Corps Volunteer author’s country and years of service
are noted in the parentheses following his or her name.

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The Shattered Pearl: An Odyssey of Service, Savagery and Survival
Sara McWright Armstrong (Uganda 1966–68)
Trafford Publishers, 2002
Peace Corps memoir

Somehow: Living on Uganda Time
Douglas Cruickshank (Uganda 2009–12)
Verflectin Media, 2013
Peace Corps essays and photography

Tales from A Muzungu
by Nicholas Duncan (Uganda 2010–12)
Peace Corps Writers, 2014
Peace Corps memoir

The Impenetrable Forest
Thor Hanson (Uganda 1993–95)
iUniverse, 2000; 1500 Books, 2008
Peace Corps memoir


Singing on the Heavy Side of the World: A Peace Corps Ukraine Story
John P. Deever (Ukraine 1993–95)
Xlibris, 2002
Peace Corps memoir

Around the World in 857 Days
Edward Gibney (Ukraine 2003–05)
Lulu, 2005
Peace Corps memoir

27 Months in the Peace Corps: My Story, Unvarnished
John Guy LaPlante (Ukraine 2007–2010)
Infinity Publishing, 2011
Peace Corps memoir


Uzbekistan: A Short Road Traveled – My Peace Corps Experience, 2001
William Duncan (Uzbekistan 2001)
Artifactman Publisheing, 2005
Peace Corps memoir