Each Peace Corps Volunteer author’s country and years of service
are noted in the parentheses following his or her name.

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St. Vincent

Swimming in the Volcano
Bob Shacochis (St. Vincent [Eastern Caribbean] 1975–76)
Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1993; Grove/Atlantic, Inc, 2004
Peace Corps novel



Running in Flip–flops
Abigail Fay (Senegal 2007–09)
Peace Corps Writers, 2011
Peace Corps novel

Heat, Sand, and Friends
Allen W. Fletcher (Senegal 1969–71)
Worcester Publishing Ltd.
Peace Corps short stories

African Son
William J. Hemminger (Senegal 1973–75)
University Press of America
Peace Corps Memoir

Roller Skating in the Desert
Leita Kaldi (Senegal 1993–96)
Publish America, 2007
Peace Corps memoir

Easter Vigil
Ann Neelon (Senegal 1978–79)
Anhinga Press
Peace Corps poetry

The Wretch Unsung
Eric T. Stafne (Senegal 1994–96)
Aventine Press
Peace Corps novel

Polite Society
Melanie D. Sumner (Senegal 1988–90)
Houghton Mifflin
Peace Corps short stories

Under the Neem Tree
Susan Lowerre (Sengat 1985–87)
Permanent Press, 1991; University of Washington Press, 1993
Peace Corps memoir


Sierra Leone

Volunteers in the African Bush: Memoirs from Sierra Leone
David Read Barker (Sierra Leone 1965–67), editor
Dog Ear Publishing, 2013
Peace Corps memoir collection

When British Honduras Became Belize 1971–73: A Peace Corps Memoir
Ted W. Cox (Sierra Leone 1969–71, Belize 1971–1973)
Old World Deli Publications
Peace Corps letters, essays, photos

Reaching Out
Rainette Bannister Holimon (Kenya 1974–77; Sierra Leone 1990–91)
iUniverse.com, 2001
Peace Corps memoir

Hang In There: My Journey of Service Living in Caribbean and West African Cultures
Elizabeth J. Quinn (Jamaica 1985–88, Sierra Leone 1989–90)
Peace Corps memoir

Into Africa with the Peace Corps . . . Sierra Leone in the ’60s
Sue Sadow (Sierra Leone 1961–63)
Beaumont Books, 1986
Peace Corps memoir

The Peace Corps, Sierra Leone, and Me
Norman  Tyler (Sierra Leone 1964–66)
CreateSpace, 2015
Peace Corps journals


Solomon Islands

On the Brink of Paradise: From Tetons to Tropics
Kim McMahill (Solomon Islands 1994–95)
Buy Books on the web.com, 1999
Peace Corps memoir

Life as a PCV in the Federated States of Micronesia
Steve C. Smith (Solomon Islands 1979–80) co-author with Carol Coleman
Development Through Self–Reliance, 1986
Peace Corps memoir



The Last Camel: True Stories about Somalia
Jeanne Martha D’Haem (Somalia 1968–70)
Red Sea Press, 1997
Peace Corps creative non–fiction

The Toughest Peace Corps Job: Letters from Somalia, 1969
Jim  Douglas (Somalia 1969–71)
Inkwater Press, 2015
Peace Corps letters

Somalia: Short Fiction
Martin R. Ganzglass (Somalia 1966–68)
Peace Corps Writers
Peace Corps short stories


South Africa

Power Lines
Jason Carter (South Africa 1998–2000)
National Geographic Society, 2002
Peace Corps memoir

Dancing with Gogos: A Peace Corps Memoir
Gary P. Cornelius (South Africa 2012-13 )
Peace Corps Writers
Peace Corps memoir

Inside Outside: A Retiree’s Peace Corps Journal from South Africa
Sydney Kling (South Africa 2001–03)
Kling, 2007
Peace Corps memoir

Lasso The World: A Western Writer’s Tales of Folks Around the Globe
Starley Talbott Thompson (South Africa 2001)
Plainstar Press, 2004
Peace Corps memoir


Sri Lanka

Jim Toner (Sri Lanka 1989–91)
University of Georgia Press, 2001
Peace Corps memoir



You Are Invited To Serve: A Black American Peace Corps Volunteer Serves in Swaziland
Joseph Green III (Swaziland 1987–89)
iUniverse, 2010
Peace Corps memoir