Each Peace Corps Volunteer author’s country and years of service
are noted in the parentheses following his or her name.

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Latin America

Devil’s Breath
Robert V. Thurston (Venezuela 1968-70)
CreateSpace, 2014
Peace Corps novel


The Mountain School
Greg Alder (Lesotho 2003–06)
CreateSpace, 2013
Peace Corps memoir

Experiencing Peace Corps as a Volunteer over Age 60
Robert W. Hugins (Nepal 1984–86; Lesotho 1991–92)
Xlibris, 2001
Peace Corps memoir

The Way They Say Yes Here
Jacqueline Lyons (Lesotho 1992–95)
Hanging Loose Press, 2004
Peace Corps poetry

How They Spend Their Sundays: Stories
Courtney  McDermott (Lesotho 2006–07)
Whitepoint Press
Peace Corps short stories

24 New Moons
Tom Vandegrift (Lesotho 1999–01)
Infinity Books, 2003
Peace Corps memoir


This is Africa: Peace Corps Malawi and the Liberian Civil War
Eugene T. Caruso (Malawi, Liberia 1990–92)
CreateSpace, 2009
Peace Corps memoir

You Never Try, You Never Know: Six Years in Liberia
Ruth Jacobson (Liberia 1971–74)
Court Street Press, 2011
Peace Corps letters

Sojourns in West Africa
Steven E. Keenan (Liberia 1963–65)
iUniverse, 2004
Peace Corps memoir

Harmattan: A Journey Across The Sahara
Geraldine Kennedy (Liberia 1962–64)
Santa Monica, CA: Clover Park Press, 1994
Peace Corps memoir

The Liberia One Storybook: The First Peace Corps Volunteers to Liberia Tell Their Stories
Geraldine  Kennedy (Liberia 1962–64)
Clover Park Press, 2012
Peace Corps essay collection

The Bush Devil Ate Sam… : And Other Tales of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Liberia, West Africa
Curtis Mekemson (Liberia 1965-67)
Peace Corps Stories

A Time That Was . . . : A Peace Corps Volunteer’s Experience of Pre-revolutionary Liberia, WEst Africa, 1962–1964
Philip S. Salisbury (Liberia 1962–64)
Xlibris 2014
Peace Corps letters and journal

Avoid Mosquitoes and Other Impossibilities
Nancy Sellin (Liberia 1966–68)
iUniverse, 2009
Peace Corps memoir

Pawpaw, Foofoo and Juju
Marvin H. Unger (Liberia 1963–65)
Citadel Press, 1968
Peace Corps memoir

Africa on My Mind: Educating Americans for Fifty Years, Living Peace Corps’ Third Goal
Angene Wilson (Liberia 1962–64)
Peace Corps Writers, 2013
Peace Corps memoir


Volunteers of America: The Journey of a Peace Corps Teacher
Dennis L. Carlson (Libya 1968–69)
Sense Publishers, 2012
Peace Corps memoir