Each Peace Corps Volunteer author’s country and years of service
are noted in the parentheses following his or her name.

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Peasants Come Last: A Memoir of the Peace Corps at 50
J. Larry Brown (India late 1960s)
LUCITA Incorporated, 2011
Peace Corps memoir

Away from Home: Letters to My Family
Lillian Carter (India 1967–69)
Simon & Schuster, 1977
Peace Corps letters/journals

Ruffling The Peacock’s Feathers: Stories From Village India
David Howard Day (Kenya 1965–66; India 1967–68)
XLibris, 2010
Peace Corps short stories

The Konkans
Tony D’Souza (Cote d’Ivoire, Madagascar 2000–02, 2002–03)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2008
Peace Corps novel

Indian Summer: A Love Letter to India and the Story of India 29
Arthur J. Frankel (India 1966–68)
Peace Corps Writers, 2014
Peace Corps memoir

Confessions of a Renegade: Peace Corps Years
Eddie James Girdner (India 1968–70)
New Delhi, India: Gyan Books, 2014
Peace Corps memoir

To the Far Side of Planet Earth: A Peace Corps Memoir
Jim McConkey (India 1967–69)
Infinity Publishing, 2011
Peace Corps memoir

The Return: A Search for Peace Corps Footprints in India
Gerald Nelson (India 1971–73)
Self–published, 1997
Peace Corps memoir

Sahib: An American Misadventure in India
Carl W. Pope (India 1968–69)
Liveright Press, 1972
Peace Corps memoir

Ripples in the Pond: Reflections of a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from India
Michael Stake (India 1966–68)
Inkwell Productions, 2014
Peace Corps memoir

A Life in Time: From An Orphanage to the Peace Corps
Kaye Stone (India 1966–68)
Self published, 2011
Peace Corps memoir


Good Morning, Mr. Paul: A Memory of a Peace Corps Volunteer’s Journey into History
Paul  Burghdorf (Indonesia 1963–65)
West Bow Press, 2012
Peace Corps memoir

Ivory Coast (see Cote d’Ivoire)


Persian Mosaic: Getting Back to Iran After 25 Years
David Devine (Iran 1971–73)
Writer’s Showcase/iUniverse.com, Inc., 2001
Peace Corps memoir

A Young American in Iran
by Tom Klobe (Iran 1964–66)
Peace Corps Writers, 2014
Peace Corps memoir

Iran - Stories from the Peace Corps
John Krauskopf (Iran 1965–67)
Lulu, 2013
Peace Corps short stories

A Hundred Veils
Rea  Keach (Iran 1967–69 )
Real Nice Books, 2015
Peace Corps novel

Yekke Bude, Yekke Na Bude
Alice Preston Phinney (Iran )
Carlton Press, 1975
Peace Corps memoir

Journeys: A Novel of Iran
Jennifer B-C Seaver (Iran 1966–68)
iUniverse, 2004
Peace Corps novel