Each Peace Corps Volunteer author’s country and years of service
are noted in the parentheses following his or her name.

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The Barrios of Manta: A Personal Account of the Peace Corps in Ecuador
Rhoda and Earle Brooks (Ecuador 1962–64)
Brooks, NY: New American Library, 1965
Peace Corps memoir

First Comes Love, then Comes Malaria: How a Peace Corps Poster Boy Won My Heart and a Third World Adventure Changed My Life
Eve Brown-Waite (Ecuador 1988)
Broadway Books, 2009
Peace Corps memoir

The Making of An Un-American: A Dialogue with Experience
Paul Cowan (Ecuador 1966–67)
Viking, 1970
Peace Corps memoir

Growing Up Yanqui
Rachel Cowan (Ecuador 1966–67)
Viking, 1975
Peace Corps memoir

The Gringo: A Memoir
J. Grigsby Crawford (Ecuador 2009–11)
Wild Elephant Press, 2012
Peace Corps memoir

Green Fires: Assault on Eden: A Novel of the Ecuadorian Rainforest
Marnie Mueller (Ecuador 1963–65)
Curbstone Press, 1994; Northwestern University, 1999
Peace Corps novel

Living Poor: A Peace Corps Chronicle
Moritz Thomsen (Ecuador 1965–67)
University of Washington Press, 1969; 1990; 1997
Peace Corps memoir

Carlos Wark (Ecuador 1984–86)
Lulu, 2005
Peace Corps novel

Bridges: An Extraordinary Journey of the Heart
W. S. [Wendy Sue]  Williamson (Cameroon 1994–96, Ecuador 1996–98 )
Agapy, 2014
Peace Corps novel

El Salvador

Kilometer 99: A Novel
Tyler  McMahon (El Salvador 1999–2002)
St. Martin’s Griffin, 2014
Peace Corps novel


Eritrea Remembered: Recollections & Photos of Peace Corps Volunteers
edited by Marian Haley Beil (Ethiopia 1962–64);
Contributing authors: Marianne Arieux, Mike Bannister, Leo Cecchini, Tom Cutler, Harold Freeman, Walt Galloway, Tom Gallagher, Cathie Hulder, Paul Huntsberger, Wayne Kessler, Cynthia Tse Kimberlin, Neil Kottler, Kurt Peterson, Joann Feldman Richards, Mary Gratiot Schultz, Lois Shoemaker, Judy Smith and Kate Yocum
Peace Corps Writers, 2011
Peace Corps essay collection


Stories From The Arusi Hills
Daniel F. Close (Ethiopia 1964–66)
NY: Vantage, 1973; Warren VT: The Tamarac Press, 2011
Peace Corps short stories

Three Years In Gemu Gofa
Bradford and Susan Coady (Ethiopia 1968–71) as told to Susan’s mother, Irma B. Grigg
Vantage Press, 1974
Peace Corps memoir

Never Forgotten: Teaching in Rebellious Eritrea 1965–1967 & Returning After 35 Years
Paul E. Huntsberger (Ethiopia 1965Ω–67 )
LifeRichPublishing, October 2014
Peace Corps memoir

Through Ferengi Eyes: The Diary of Ethiopia 1974–1976
Henry Klein (Ethiopia 1974–76)
Hicksville, NY: Exposition Press, 1979
Peace Corps memoir

A Time To . . .
Ronald Louis Peterson (Ethiopia 1973–75)
CreateSpace, 2011
Peace Corps novel

Home is Where My Earrings Are
by Dannie Russell (Ethiopia 1963–65)
Peppertree Press, 2012
Peace Corps memoir

Volunteering In Ethiopia: A Peace Corps Odyssey
James W. Skelton, Jr. (Ethiopia 1970–72)
Denver, CO: Beaumont Books, 1991
Peace Corps memoir

Haile Selassie’s Ethiopia — Revisited
Hoyt  Smith (Ethiopia 1962-65 ), photography; Ted Vestal (Ethiopia staff 1964–66), introduction and historical notes
Self-published, 2014
Peace Corps photography

Thirteen Months of Sunshine
Patricia Summers-Parish (Ethiopia 1962–64)
PublishAmerica, 2009
Peace Corps memoir

I Want This World
Margaret C. Szumowski (Zaire 1973–74, Ethiopia 1974–75 )
Tupelo Press, 2001
Peace Corps poetry

The Essential Guide to Amharic: The National Language of Ethiopia
Andrew Tadross (Ethiopia 2011-13 ) and Abraham Teklu
Peace Corps Writers
Peace Corps country language

The Essential Guide to Tigrinya: The Language of Eritrea and Northern Ethiopia
Andrew Tadross (Ethiopia 2011-13 ) and Abraham Teklu
Peace Corps Writers
Peace Corps country language

Come to Africa and Save Your Marriage and Other Stories
Maria Thomas [Roberta Worrick] (Ethiopia 1971–73)
Soho Press, 1987
Peace Corps short stories

African Visas
Maria Thomas [Roberta Worrick] (Ethiopia 1971–73)
Soho Press, 1992
Peace Corps novella and short stories

Heading Home
Paul E. Tsongas (Ethiopia 1962–64)
Knopf, 1984
Peace Corps memoir

The Old Man in the Bag . . . And Other True Stories of Good Intentions
by Ted Wells (Ethiopia 1968–71)
CreateSpace, 2012
Peace Corps True Stories