Each Peace Corps Volunteer author’s country and years of service
are noted in the parentheses following his or her name.

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Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire 1971–97)

The Ivory Crocodile
Eileen  Drew (Zaire 1979–81)
Coffee House Press, 1996
Peace Corps novel

Letters from Zaire: A Peace Corps Life in Africa
John Jochum (Zaire 1975–78)
Winepress Publishing, 2005
Peace Corps letters

Heart of Lightness: Experiences of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa
Anne Grimshaw Kempers (Zaire 1976–78)
Peter E. Randall, 1993
Peace Corps memoir

Things Are Different in Africa: A Memoir of Dangers and Adventures in the Congo
Frederick Edward Pitts (Zaire 1992–93, Mali 1992–93)
iUniverse Press, 2004
Peace Corps memoir

I Want This World
Margaret C. Szumowski (Zaire 1973–74, Ethiopia 1974–75 )
Tupelo Press, 2001
Peace Corps poetry

The Ponds of Kalambayi: An African Sojourn
Mike Tidwell (Zaire 1985–87)
Lyons & Burford, 1990, 1996
Peace Corps memoir


Dominican Republic

Throwing Rocks at the Moon: Loud, Hot, and Sweaty in the Dominican Republic
Zachary M. Gerth (Dominican Republic 2010-12)
BlueShoo 2015
Peace Corps memoir

Traveling Uncharted Paths: A Tale of Two Retirees & the Peace Corps
Lew & Fran Gottfried (Dominican Republic 1965–67)
Lima, OH: Fairway Press, 1992
Peace Corps memoir

Step To Freedom: A Peace Corps Memoir of the Dominican Republic
Joseph F. Zuiker (Dominican Republic 1965–67)
Zuiker Chronicles, 2005
Peace Corps memoir