Everyone out there reading this (Hmmm… Is there anyone out there reading this?)already knows that we’re inching up to the big day – the Golden Anniversary of the Peace Corps, next Tuesday, March 1st.  Thanks to the National Peace Corps Association’s efforts, RPCVs will be holding Global House Parties to celebrate the occasion all over the world.  Here in the beautiful town of Taos, NM, where every day I’m grateful fate brought me, we’re not having a little ol’ house party, we’re having a blast.


This Saturday, Taos-area RPCVs and Friends will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps at a cocktail party to be held at Lenny Foster’s Living Light Gallery (107 Kit Carson Road, Taos), from 5-7 pm.  In the spirit of PCV penury and Taoseño family-style generosity, it’ll be something of a potluck-nibbles, BYO bottle-of-wine affair, in which perhaps more than two dozen RPCVs, spanning a few generations, are due to show up and share stories.  Prior to the event, our local paper and a radio station will be making announcements about the PC anniversary and inviting PC “friends” to our party.  Who knows how many will join in the festivities?


After our cocktail party, celebrants will be able to stroll across the street to Graham’s Grille for a special, Peace-Corps-inspired, four-course, prix fixe dinner.  Chef Lesley B. Fay is preparing a menu of tasty, ethnic dishes representing some of the regions where Peace Corps volunteers serve.  (Reservations, of course, are required:  www.opentable.com.)


So our party, which began as a small idea for a little local gathering of a few RPCVs who’d never met each other, has definitely mushroomed.  And, since this is meant to be a food-related blog, let me emphasize the food-related word “mushroomed.” That’s the way things can go, when people get a whiff of a worthwhile celebration in the making.


What are your plans for the 50th?  If you haven’t made any yet, it may not be too late.  Go to www.peacecorpsconnect.org  and click on Global House Parties.  If you do have or attend a party, I hope it’s as much fun as ours.