Are you looking for a job in another country? As RPCVs, you know how important it is to know the cultures and immerse yourself into the community. The same goes true for a global job search. Yet, you may find it difficult to network if you are unaware of the networks that already exist in different countries. You can find more information on my other blog that focuses on global job searches. The article to read is “Get Globally Connected!” and can be found at


The networks you should think about connecting with fall into the following 5 categories:

1. Chambers of Commerce
2. Professional Associations
3. Formal Expat Networks
4. Informal Expat Networks
5. RPCV Groups


Let’s take a brief look at each:

 1.       Chambers of Commerce are excellent sources for business contacts in the country. They often hold meetings or networking opportunities. In addition, there are Chambers of Commerce for many countries–not just the United States, so be sure to check into the country-specific Chambers of Commerce if you are in the U.S. or touch base with those Chambers once you arrive in country.


2.       Professional associations focus on professional development of the membership, furthering the membership and participation in the career field, and supporting the professional in a variety of ways. Often this is done through professional development activities, seminars, workshops, or meetings. You may want to volunteer, once in your new country, to make a presentation at one of the meetings. Also, be sure to check with your U.S. professional association to see if they have an office that focuses on international membership as they may be able to help you make connections.


3.       Formal expat networks include international women’s associations and groups, international expat support groups, including online groups and alumni groups. You may have to Google around, but you can find many of the expat groups in the country section on Expat Women’s website at


4.       Informal expat networks are often groups of expats who gather for a variety of social reasons. Such groups include the ubiquitous Hash House Harriers Running Clubs, which are found in just about every country and consider themselves a “drinking club with a running problem.” They hold a lot of social activities and can be a great network to tap for your job search–even if you’re not a runner. Other social groups include mother’s groups, book clubs, and even locations where expats gather such as the local watering hole, a coffee shop, or bookstore. Another resource for informally connecting with expats is Expat Finder at . It has a search engine where you can search for expatriates in specific cities and towns as well as other expat websites.


5.       RPCV groups are natural ways to network. All RPCVs know the challenges of launching a job search and moving to another country. RPCV groups can be found on the National Peace Corps Association website at You may want to contact an RPCV group that represents the country that you want to move to. If such a group doesn’t exist, then contact your closest RPCV group to ask around for anybody who may be familiar with your destination country.


What other tips do you have for RPCVs who are out there networking? Share your ideas, tips, and suggestions here.