Christmas in Paris? Well, if not . . . what about a calendar of Paris so you can live the City of Lights everyday?

That’s what Mike McCaskey (Ethiopia 1965-67) decided to do. Mike, who has his PhD from Case Western Reserve, and has taught at UCLA and Harvard Business Schools, never played for the Chicago Bears, but he was the Chairmen of the organization and now has produced a beautiful Paris calendar for 2014 called “My Paris.”

I asked Mike how all this came about and he emailed me that, “The calendar was a way to use some of my favorite photos of Paris. I love walking around the city and taking pictures, often of places or moments that are out-of-the-way. Looking at other calendars I couldn’t find one that exactly worked the way I wanted it to.

“My calendar should fit easily into a briefcase or folder (so dimensions of 8.5 by 11 inches), have interesting images that I would want to look at for a month, allow me to erase and change a date without ruining the paper on which it was written and maximize the size of the daily cell for recording appointments. All that said I wanted the design to be playful and break a few of the usual conventions. The result is My Paris Calendar 2014.”

The calendar sells at Amazon for $17.95.

Here are a few of the images: