Tino Calabia (Peru, 1963-65) who rallied all of us RPCVs in support of Ambassador Christopher Stevens sent me a note about our collective efforts to reach 1000 signatures. He also noticed that the most recent signer–number 883–is Mary Pendleton who was a PCV in Tunisia and later became the first U.S Ambassador to Moldova. Marian Haley Beil (Ethiopia 1962-64) established a petition at SignOn.org that we hope you will sign. This chris_friend1is what Tino had to say:

Over 880, Going for 1,000 Signatures on ‘Honor Chris Stevens’ Petition

The elections finally end tomorrow, yet RPCV/Ambassador Chris Stevens’ death in Libya may still come up in some post-election partisan gamesmanship.  So it remains up to RPCVs to try to illuminate Stevens’ service as a remarkable Peace Corps Volunteer, charismatic diplomat, and our fallen US Ambassador to Libya.

Honoring Stevens by dedicating prominent space in his name at Peace Corps HQ may mark only a start, but let’s start.  Over 880 signatures are on the petition.  Let’s acquire 1,000.  And when a plaque is unveiled at HQ, you may want your name shown on the program or in some other way on record as supporting the idea of memorializing Stevens’ noble life of service and sacrifice.

The petition appears when you click on:  http://signon.org/sign/honor-rpcv-ambassador?source=c.url&r_by=5761851