Aaron Williams (Dominican Republic 1967-70)  left the agency today. It was his last day on the job. He resigned, as he said,  for personal and family reasons. He was thewilliams_pic RPCV Director since August of 2009 who traveled a tremendous amount to Peace Corps countries to visit PCVs in the field and his family handled his many trips overseas without complaint.  Aaron came into the agency at a difficult time, and has  (in my opinion) dealt with a number of  White House political appointees who were not RPCVs and did not get what it meant to be a PCV. He overcame their shortcomings and enhanced the Peace Corps. Now he deserves to focus his long and outstanding international career in a new direction.

Wherever Aaron went as Director to RPCV reunions  the reports were always positive. RPCVs across the country emailed me to say, “he’s a good guy.” As we know from RPCVS that is high praise. 

Thank you Aaron for advancing the agency. You are leaving the Peace Corps in a better place.