Who and how many people are going to this website?

Looking at the Google Analytics of www.peacecorpsworldwide.org on any given day (but weekends) and I read something like these numbers that tell us about our site. We average 900 ‘hits’ and the average viewer is on the site for a minute and a half.  More than half are unique visitors, new to the site. On weekends we are down to half that number. If we have something about ’sex in the Peace Corps’ or tragedy in the agency the number of ’hits’ jump dramatically. 

Visit 9,521

 Unique Visitors: 6,820

 Pageviews: 15,509

 Pages / Visit: 1.63

 Avg. Visit Duration: 00:01:34

 Bounce Rate: 75.36%

 % New Visits: 66.63%