The presidential election is a toss up. But what about the next Director of the Peace Corps? It is doubtful that Aaron Williams will stay into a second Obama Administration. (Peace Corps Directors rarely last more than a couple years in the job and it is mostlikely, Aaron will finish off his government career as an Ambassador. If Obama loses, Aaron will certainly get that appointment before the end of the year.)

If Romney wins we are looking at a Republican appointment. Either way, come November, we are in for a change of leadership at the agency.

I think we might have (finally) established the fact that the Peace Corps MUST be an RPCV.

So, who should he/she be?

Here are a few RPCV names to consider for next director of the Peace Corps.  Send in your candidate!

John Garamendi, California Congressmen (Ethiopia 1966-68)
Thomas Tighe, President and CEO, Direct Relief International (Thailand 1986-88)
Nancy Kelly, Executive Director, Health Volunteers Overseas (Korea 1979-81)
Jonathan Lash, President of World Resources Institute (Dominican Republic 1967-69)
Cathy Woolard, (CARE) (Micronesia 1980-81)
Michael McCaskey, Former CEO Chicago Bears (Ethiopia 1965-67)
Christopher Shays, Former Republican U.S. Representative from Connecticut (Fiji 1968-70)
Maureen Orth, Journalist (Columbia 1964-66)
Denny Robertson, USAID development counselor (Philippines 1977-79)
Kathleen Stephens,  Former Ambassador to South Korea (Soputh Korea 1975-77)
Chris Matthews, MSNBC HardBall Host (Swaziland 1968-70)