Kristina Owens (Bolivia 2000-02), the ‘Strategic Partnership Director’ of RPCV/W sent out the following email to ‘RPCV friends and supporters’ of the group. She was  relating what she titles, “A Successful RPCV/W Peace Corps Town Hall Meeting!” held last week in Shriver Hall at PC/HQ.

Here it is, reprinted.

Dear RPCV Friends and supporters,

Last week’s Peace Corps Town Hall Meeting was a resounding success, in part because of the interest and questions from the RPCV community. Over 100 RPCVs came to listen to the Peace Corps Leadership and participated in the Q & A session.

RPCV/W President Chris Austin began the hour by reflecting on how our community came together to commemorate 50 years of the Peace Corps; it was a tribute to a diverse community who understood that Peace Corps affected each of us in an important way.       

This effort continues to inspire RPCV/W to facilitate new and creative initiatives such as our monthly Professional Development panel discussions and Community Service efforts.

NPCA President Kevin Quigley continued the program by discussing one of their new initiatives — to find each person that served in or has worked for the Peace Corps. NPCA hopes this initiative will further strengthen our community. He also reminded us about the recent RPCV survey, which found that RPCVs volunteer at twice the rate of the average American.

Before hearing from the Director, Deputy Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet updated the community on some of last year’s concerns about safety and security.

Finally, the Director spoke on some of the exciting initiatives Peace Corps has been part of, including the recent initiative that consists of Peace Corps, PEPFAR and Global Health Service Corps launching a unique Public-Private Partnership to boost training for health professionals in developing countries.

For the remaining part of the hour, we had a Q & A session that included questions about Peace Corps response programs, the possibility of placing same sex couples, and non-competitive eligibility.

Unfortunately, there were more questions than time but we will endeavor to have Peace Corps respond to all the questions submitted and will include those in subsequent newsletters.

PCV/W would like to thank the Peace Corps 3rd Goal Office, the Directors Office, and the Communications Office for helping to make this event successful! Another big thanks goes to you - our local RPCV community!

If you have any additional questions please feel free to email