[My friend Kevin Quigley, President and CEO of the NPCA, emailed me late today to tell me I was all wrong about the blog I posted over the weekend that drew attention to his organization.. You might remember how I wrote that their offices were moving to a higher space because they were running out of money and couldn't afford stay on the lower floor. Not true says Kevin. I also said that they wouldn't take a stand against the Peace Corps because the NPCA depended on the agency to support them. Not true says Kevin.

I asked Kevin to please place his comments on the site, but he couldn't because, as I said, he was moving to a higher floor and his computer was packed, but he email me anyway to say I could post his comments. And here is what Kevin had to say to correct my mistakes. He calls me Sean Padraic, by the way, because we are both Irish and he once studied in Dublin.]

Sean Padraic–
Your facts and assertions in your blog today are way off.
Our new offices have the same space, roughly 1500 sq ft.
We moved because our lease was up and the landlord wouldn’t renew since the building’s largest tenant covet our space.
Based on your comments, readers would think we are dependent on them.
In my years here, PC has never provided more than 10 percent of our funding.
This year, their support for some joint events will be 4 percent of our budget.