Bill Moyers, who started out at the Peace Corps at age 27 or so, as the Associate Director for Public Affairs, and later was the Deputy Director under Shriver, and then continued to star in a variety of arenas, is back on public television this month with a new interview show, Moyers & Company. He left PBS 20 months ago, retiring from Bill Moyers Journal, but as he told Elizabeth Jensen in the New York Times (Sunday, January 8, 2012) he just needed a break. He wasn’t retiring. After all, he’s only 77!

The new program by Moyers will be a lot like his last one: thoughtful interviews with thinkers. Upcoming will be interviews with David Stockman, Reagan budget chief; John S. Reed, the former Citibank executive; poet Rita Dove, and a four-hour chat with the political scientists Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson, on their work Winner-Take-All Politics.

The catch to  his return is the fact that PBS is not distributing the show. It comes via the American Public Television, a separate distribution service. Moyers is unsure why this happened, as he had been with PBS since 1971. According to the NYTIMES article, “Some public television executives, who would not publicly comment on a sensitive issue, said they believed that PBS did not want to realign itself with Mr. Moyers, a longtime target of some conservatives, as it was fighting to keep its federal financing.”

Moyers is only creating his own Web site, and is soliciting viewer participation, writing, “This will be a political series but not a partisan one. In the conversation of democracy, everyone’s invited. That means you too.”

Okay, Bill! We’ll watch and write you. Promise!