Paula & Chuck on 20/20

On July 24, 2009, Chuck Ludlam (Nepal 1968–70; Senegal 2005–07) and Paula Hirschoff (Senegal 2005-07) sent then Peace Corps Director-Designate Aaron Williams a ”Plan to Strengthen and Expand the Peace Corps: Priorities for President Obama’s First Term.”

Chuck and Paula wrote in their introduction:

This Twenty Point Plan to strengthen and expand the Peace Corps — drafted over four years by a couple of two-time Volunteers and circulated widely for comment within the Returned PCV community — proposes an ambitious road map for President Obama and Peace Corps Director-Designate Aaron Williams and his leadership team.

The Ludlam/Hirschoff Plan is attached as a PDF file for those of you who have not seen it or heard about it.

Photo: Paula Hirschoff and Chuck Ludlam on 20/20