Chuck Ludlam (Nepal 1968-70 & Senegal 2005-07) sent me this email from Patagonia. He is traveling there with his wife, Paula Hirshoff ( Senegal 2005-07), and he asked me to post his comment as his internet connections are chancy. He did write as the end of his blast at me, “Please post this as a response to your post.” 

So here’s what Chucky had to say about me from sunny Patagonia!

It’s too bad that John Coyne didn’t bother to read our 150 page report on Peace Corps reform — posted since July 2009 on PeaceCorps Wiki. It would help the readers to see it posted on Coyne’s website.

John would find there that we oppose the 5-year rule, which has given political appointees entirely too much power at the agency and destroyed its capacity for institutional memory.
He’s also find that the Peace Corps transferred the investigative authority away from the Office of Inspector General in order to minimize the adverse publicity that comes with crimes against Volunteers. A major scandal.

ABC posted six minutes of our hour plus interview. We made lots of points in our interview that are not presented in this excerpt.

Coyne’s post shows that he is opposed to Peace Corps reform and has no understanding of the extent of the mismanagement at the agency. The evidence of this mismanagement is presented in depth in our report. It presents an appalling picture of an agency that has lost its sense of mission. The notion that all we need to do is expand couldn’t be more misguided.
Chuck Ludlam

[As best I can recall, I never posted Chuck's 150 page report as it was too much for my limited blog site, and also it had already been posted on several Peace Corps related sites. As for my recent posts about the Peace Corps, all that I have written about is the murder in Benin, not about reforms for the agency, though, like all RPCVs, I support changes. Chuck is right, however, in that I do support the 5-year rule, but unlike Chuck, I don't support political appointees in the agency. I only want RPCVs in those jobs.

I've never met Chuck. I have never met Paula. My first and only contact (out of the blue!) came when they were PCVs in Senegal and Chuck sent me a few angry, hostile, and demanding emails.]