Thomas Tighe (Thailand 1986-88; PC/HQ 1995-2000) is now CEO of Direct Relief International, biggest medical supplier to Haiti ( As quoted in Politico Playbook this morning: ”One year ago tomorrow [Jan. 12] in Haiti — a country the size of Maryland — more people died in a matter of minutes from the earthquake than have been killed by all the natural disasters in the history of the United States. The scale of human tragedy caused by Haiti’s earthquake defies comprehension: 230,000 people killed, 1.3 million people displaced, and 194,000 injured. Those who survive now carry the hope and challenge of rebuilding a country. Of course help is still needed to get through and get better. The health challenges alone are steep and threatening, from the systemic level all the way down to very basic access to things like a health professional, medicines, IV solutions, and even soap. Long after the headlines have faded, the recovery work is being fueled by the generosity of so many.”

And Thomas Tighe might also asked, “And where in the hell are the Crisis Corps Volunteers?” (a.k.a. Peace Corps Response Corps)

As of today, January 11, 2011, according to the Peace Corps Response Office, “no plans to send PCVs.”