I got this list of relief organizations from M+R Strategic Services. They work to build nonprofits and corporations, and they are an organization I trust. They recommend these non-profits in Haiti. The president is Bill Wasserman. I don’t know him, but the co-founder is an RPCV. That’s good enough for me.

Here is what Bill sent me today:

The tremendous organizations we work with every day at M+R have responded swiftly to the crisis, and we are humbled by their efforts. Many have long experience in Haiti, where their aid workers and emergency response teams are already helping dig through rubble to find survivors, and providing clean water, urgent supplies and medical care for those who have lost everything but their lives.

We hope that you will contribute to their efforts, giving as generously as you are able:

UNICEF - UNICEF’s field staff is working around the clock to help save the tens of thousands of children who have been injured in the quake, separated from their families, and desperately need clean water, food and other help.

PlanUSA - Plan already has 143 staff on the ground in Haiti working to provide immediate relief in the wake of the disaster. The organization has a long-standing presence in the country, where their programs serve 42,000 children.

Oxfam America - Oxfam’s 200 staffers stationed in Haiti, including a highly trained emergency response team of 15, are rushing to meet the most urgent needs, such as providing clean water and other public health necessities.

ActionAid - ActionAid has worked in Haiti since 1996; their crisis response efforts focus on providing shelter, clean water and medicine to survivors.

ACCION International - ACCION is working with SOGESOL, its Haitian partner, to provide services and support to its 13,500 microfinance clients in the nation.

I also want to thank everyone here at M+R. Ever since the first news of the quake broke, you have been working diligently to help these organizations fund their emergency response in Haiti. I am never as proud to work with you as in moments like this.

Thank you,


Bill Wasserman
M+R Strategic Services