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John Coyne Babbles

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Ralph Cherry on 16/12/2009 in 13:46    

Talk of smart and sensitive growth is such a breath of fresh air.

Dan Crowley on 16/12/2009 in 14:53    

The Peace Corps spirit is still cooking. Thanks, John, for keeping the pot boiling. The world and we are getting more and more ready to work collaboratively on all sorts of issues: warming, conflict management, water and food supplies, etc. And the PC can be what gets our foot in the door. We may need to learn a few more languages.

martyganzglass on 16/12/2009 in 16:12    

I believe that John and the Director are standing in front of a framed Norman Rockwell given to the PC by Friends of Colombia and Friends of Somalia,sometime when Chuck Baquet was Deputy Director.

I appreciate Aaron’s thoughts of slow growth. The effort to increase the PC budget will be wasted if the rush to send Volunteers into the field results in poorly thought out projects and horror stories of failure.

I would also like to see PC consider special programs such as the legal program I participated in. When I served in Somalia, there were legal programs in Nigeria (in Kano), Ethiopia, India and I believe Liberia. Recruiting teachers for law schools might be a good place to start.

John Coyne on 16/12/2009 in 16:43    

Yes, Marty. We are. And I actually have written about this painting and others that Rockwell did while doing research when he was in Ethiopia in 1963-64. Those blogs are posted on this site. Take a look. Just go to the search feature on the site and type in Norm’s name. John

LindaB on 16/12/2009 in 20:25    

That Rockwell picture includes at least 3 PCVs that we know of — John Schaefer, myself (Linda Bergthold) and my husband Gary (right below Kennedy). We travelled to Rockwell’s studio in STockbridge one snowy day back in the mid 1960s after we had returned from Ethiopia, and he photographed each of us — from there he did the painting of Kennedy and the PC that is in this photo. The poster that John and Aaron are standing in front of is a copy of the original Rockwell painting, which is now back in the Stockbridge museum.

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