This is one of my favorite student drawings, a house. It is such a perfect Ghanaian house like many that I have been in; the floor plan almost exactly matches my own bungalow and those of the other teachers, except that those houses were all one-story. The house has everything necessary and nothing more: a bedroom, a kitchen with a gas stove, cylinder, and two pots boiling on the stovetop (rice in one, sauce in the other I’m guessing), an extra all-purpose room, and a shower room including a bucket, of course. The way she drew the one door up on the side of the room leads me to believe that she also thought of this as a one-story house, not two-story. Concept was more important than accuracy, and space was flexible on paper. And yet this house was more real than some other drawings that were much more carefully measured out and rendered.


The drawing was done by one of my Junior Secondary students, Catherine.