IN JUNE 2009, photographer Richard Sitler (Jamaica 2000–02) embarked on an epic journey to document Peace Corps Volunteers serving communities around the world. Over the next two years, Richard would find himself traversing the planet while staying with Peace Corps Volunteers, experiencing their communities and work sites, and documenting what it’s like to be a Volunteer in the modern Peace Corps.

making-peace-120The result of Sitler’s journey is Making Peace with the World: Photographs of Peace Corps Volunteers published by Other Places Publishing. For more information about this full-color, 168-page photo book go to the website of Other Places Publishing.

Peace Corps Worldwide is pleased to have five of Richard’s photos from his book on our homepage header. About the photos (from left to right):

Peace Corps Volunteer Nancy Haggarty teachers at the Cape Coast Deaf School. Here she is working with the all-girl junior high 3rd-year class.

In Maseru, PCV Brice Foster looks on with admiration as Malijo Baji, coordinator of Less Aids Lesotho, reads from her diary about the best day of her life. She is sharing her experience with the girls in Brice’s life skills class. Following that the girls had the opportunity to tell their likewise moving stories of their best day.

At times Peace Corps Volunteers have the opportunity to collaborate with their fellow Volunteers. Here, Municipal Development Volunteer Aron Rosenthal (2nd from right) and Ecotourism Volunteer Laura Boggess (right) discuss potential health programs with two members of a local health committee in Uspantán.

Here Peace Corps Volunteer health educator Muriel Johnston (left) laughs with her host mother and daughter with whom she lived during her three months of Peace Corps training. When training was complete, Muriel was thrilled to learn that she had been assigned to serve in the same community, so now she lives within walking distance of her host family, and can visit often.

At 84 Muriel is currently the oldest Volunteer serving in Peace Corps - a fact that has brought this unassuming woman attention including being singled out by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and featured in magazine and news stories and on CNN. Born in New York City in 1924, Muriel is the mother of six children, grandmother of eight, and great-grandmother of two. She retired in 2008 from her career as an office manager and was accepted as a Peace Corps Volunteer in 2009.

Eleven months after being married, Brian O’Malley and Angela Myers became Peace Corps Volunteers and began serving in Sicchez Province in the north of the country.

Here Brian checks the construction of an improved cooking stove. Typically, families in Peru cook indoors with open fires that create a multitude of health problems. The new cooking stoves, made of adobe bricks, channel the smoke outdoors, and also conserve firewood. For a family to receive a new stove, the mother is required to attend health and nutrition classes.