(Sep 2010 - Mar 2011)

10. Speaking at the 49th Peace Corps Philippines Swearing in Ceremony. In the local Filipino dialect, Waray-Waray.

9. Eating Thanksgiving dinner with 25 Peace Corps volunteers on a remote beach on a small island off the coast of Northern Samar, Philippines.

8. Slipping, thigh deep, into black river excrement while cleaning a blighted shore during International Volunteer Day.

7. Playing trumpet at 4 A.M. for 9 consecutive mornings of the misa de gallo Christmas church service.

6. Ringing in the New Year with complete strangers, street fireworks, less than a dollar to my name, and just the clothes on my back.

5. Serving as godfather at the christening of a neighbor’s newborn.

4. Winning a contest for “Most Traditional Filipino Attire”.

3. Listening to a chorus of co-teachers sing me morning birthday songs (mananita) in the afternoon.

2. Being asked to give a commencement speech for a graduation. A preschool graduation.

1. Forgetting how tired I was when a child fell asleep on my shoulder on a bumpy jeepney ride home.