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1966 The Year of Tragic PCV Deaths (Ethiopia)

1966 The Year of Tragic PCV Deaths (Ethiopia)

Eyelids Of Morning In that Peace Corps year of 1966 there was another tragic death of a Volunteer in East Africa, this time in Ethiopia. I was a bystander to this tragedy, having been a PCV in the Empire, I was back in-country as an APCD. In many ways, this death of the PCV, Bill Olson, keeps coming back to me and is just as riveting and sad today as it was when we were all a lot younger and our lives were yet to be lived and anyone’s passing was far away on a distant horizon. The tragic death of Bill Olson killed by a crocodile in the Baro River in Gambella, Ethiopia is told in Alistair Graham and Peter Beard’s book, Eyelids of Morning, published in 1972 by New York Graphic Society. This is a book that documents the crocodile’s profound influence on the people of Africa as . . .

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