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Write a Book in 18 Holes

Write a Book in 18 Holes

Write a Novel in 18 Holes Last year I published a book entitled How To Write A Novel in 100 Days. Now I thought I might attempt to tighten that frame of reference (and time) and focus on, How To Write a Book in 18 Holes. Over my writing career, I have published three novels on golf and edited three books of golf instruction. Now I have some advice on how to do both for anyone who writes or plays golf, or both, like myself. In my mind, playing golf and writing a novel are incongruously connected. I’m not the only writer who would think so. The wonderful novelist, John P. Marquand wrote Life at Happy Knoll (1957) and John Updike Golf Dream (1997); then there’s Herbert Warren Wind who started to play the game at 7 and wrote about golf all his life for The New Yorker, or James . . .

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